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Games & Cards UK Loyalty Scheme

We offer a point reward system for repeat customers.

Earning points
For every £1 you spend on goods (excluding postage) in our store you earn 1 loyalty point.

Every point you earn is worth £0.05 for use against a future order at this store.

Points will normally be added to your account between 14 - 20 days after your payment for the item is processed. Should you return an item during that period, no points will be credited for that item. Pre-order items will have points allocated 14-20 days after the products release date / in-stock date.
There may occasionally delays in adding points to accounts. Please get in touch if you feel you have not received your points.

In order for points to be saved to your account you need to create an account and a password when prompted during the checkout process.

If you have earned points but not set up an account, we will endeavour to allocate you the correct amount of points once you do set up an account. Please contact us at to ask us to allocate missed points.

Spending points
The minimum point level to generate a discount is 100 points, which will provide you with a £5 discount.

Points expire after 6 months without you placing an order at this store. Unused points after this period will be deleted and your points value reset to 0.

Monetary value
Please note points may only be used to generate discounts at this store, and hold no integral monetary value of their own, and may not be exchanged for cash, credit or other monetary payments.

At all times Games & Cards UK retain ownership of all points generated by customers and they may not be sold, exchanged or traded.


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