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This is for one sealed Dragon Ball Z: Perfect Cell Dice Game.

In Dragon Ball Z: Perfect Cell, 2-4 players will each control an iconic Dragon Ball Z fighter, roll their dice to generate energy, and use attacks and strategy to defeat Cell. Using battle hardened strategy, players allocate their dice for attacks, giving energy to other players, or buying upgrades and learning new abilities. Players need to works as a team, as Cell will continue to generate new threats that attack the Z-Fighters, heal himself from damage, or lock players out of potentially game-changing upgrades.

1-4 Players
30-45 Min
Age 14+

1x Cell Game Board
24x Dragon Ball Power Tokens
25x Health Tokens
1x Health Tracker
18x Power Tiles
22x Cell Attack Tiles
6x Z-Fighter Boards
20x Custom Dice
1x Rulebook

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