Please note the physical store is closed on a Thursday.

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Games & Cards UK

What are you?
Games and Cards UK is your place to source all the best CCG, TCG, board games, collectables and toys, all in one place.

Who are you?
Games and Cards UK is a small brick & mortar store run by and ex-teacher who finally realised his dream of opening a gaming and geekery store after leaving the classroom. If there's a fandom he's missed out on, then point him at it and he'll take a look. Having been a geek for over 30 years, he knows a lot about the stuff he sells.

Are you still open?

Yes, both the webstore and physical store are both open.

Do you have an eBay store?
Not at the moment..  The business originally started selling items on eBay but decided to move to a full time webstore.

eBay Power seller with over 5000 positive feedback.

Check it out here! (CURRENTLY CLOSED)

Please be aware the full range isn't available on eBay.

Do you have a physical store I can visit?
Yes, the physical store is located in Sale, Manchester and opened on the 3rd February 2020. It has all the online items available plus additional items that are not available online.

Opening hours:

Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri: 11am - 4:30pm

Thursday: Closed

Saturday: 11am - 5pm

Sunday: 11am - 4pm

On week days when evening events are running the store will close at 6pm.

Please note emails and phones are only monitored during opening hours.

The store is located opposite the Texaco garage. Please see the map below for more information.



How does your order process work?
There are three stages to an order at Games & Cards UK.

Stage 1: You place the order. When the system acknowledges your order you will receive a "Processing" email to confirm that your order is being dealt with. If you have received this email everything is fine. If for some reason you haven't received a "Processing" email within 12 hours of placing your order, please contact us.

Stage 2: We box your order and print out postage labels. You will then receive a "Dispatched" email. This does not mean your item has actually been passed on to the Post Office / courier, just that it has been readied for dispatch. Normally items are entered into the postal system the day after you receive your "Dispatched" email.

Stage 3: You are hopefully happy with your order. After 14-17 days you will receive a "Complete" email. This means your order has been registered as completed on our system, your return period has expired and Loyalty Points are added to your account (if you have set one up).

I've tried to pay with a credit / debit card but it won't work, why not?
Please make sure you enter the correct billing address registered to your debit or credit card. The billing address must match with your bank / card provider, so ticking the "Billing address matches delivery address" box should only be done if they actually do match. Please remember this may not be your current address and it is only used to confirm your card details, so will not affect where your order is delivered.

Do your prices include VAT?
Yes, all our prices are inclusive of VAT at the correct rate for the items sold.

I received a "Processing" email but your shop is showing my items as out of stock, will I get my item?
Congratulations, your managed to snag the last one. Rest assured that if your order has moved to "Processing" then stock has been allocated and you will receive your item.

Can I cancel my order before you post it?
If you have not yet received a "Dispatched" email and wish to cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible. The best method is via the form on the contact us page or via email to, as our phones are not always manned. Refunds are normally processed within 7 days of a cancellation. 

How long will it take to receive my item?
We usually operate two days behind on dispatching orders. This means we dispatch orders made on a Monday on Wednesday, Tuesday on a Thursday etc... All posting times are counted from dispatch and are only best estimates based on perfect service from the Royal Mail. There are no dispatches over the weekend.

I've got an order for more than £30 but it's charging me shipping, how come?
Unfortunately our host software doesn't automatically apply free shipping when an order is eligible for it. You need to change the shipping manually from the standard charge to the free option.

My order has been "Processing" for two days, what's going on?
We are a small team and don't have the ability to process large numbers of orders at once, but we try our best to limit delays. We try and dispatch orders the day after you order but occasionally due to either hardware or manpower issues (such as illness) we end up with a backlog. If your order has not been dispatched after the third day from ordering, please get in touch.

I received a tracking number from you but it isn't active on the couriers website?
Tracking numbers are generated when we purchase the postage label, not when we physically hand over the parcel. There can be a delay of a few hours between getting a tracking number and it activating. This usually happens during Bank Holidays when we can pack items on the Monday but are unable to ship them.

If your tracking is still not active the day after receiving it, please get in touch.

I have a tracking number but it doesn't show any tracking on the Royal Mail website?
If your item was below £20 in value you will receive a long code made up of 21 numbers and letters. This is an online delivery confirmation code for the Royal Mail. This will not allow you to track your item but will indicate when your item has been successfully delivered (or if the postman missed you and couldn't deliver it). This means it will not be able to tell you anything about your parcel until delivery is attempted.

If your parcel has a shorter 13 digit tracking code ending with GB then this will be either Signed For or Special Delivery. Items under £100 will be Signed For, this also doesn't track your item during transit, only on delivery. Items over £100 sent via Special Delivery or courier will be tracked the whole journey.

I received a discount code in a package but it doesn't work.
If you have a discount code from one of our package insert cards and it doesn't work on the store, please message us stating: the item you received the code with, the place you purchased the item. We will then send you a new discount code. Occasionally errors happen and codes aren't activated correctly.

I received the wrong item, what do I do?
Unfortunately mistakes do happen sometimes, although normally only with items with very similar names or codes. If we've sent you the wrong item, please get in touch and we will sort out the situation for you.

My item has foreign language stickers on or doesn't appear to be in English, is it a fake?
We source items from a number of reputable distributors and sometimes the only way they can source in demand items it to obtain EU versions or ones intended for other overseas markets. Please be assured that all our items are 100% genuine.

I received my item but the packaging is damaged.
The main purpose of packaging is to protect the item inside. If your packaging has some minor damage, but the item is undamaged, then the packaging has done its job. We do not generally offer refunds or replacements for minor damage to packaging, as it has no impact on the usability of the item itself. We do not offer replacements for minor damage to toy or action figure packaging (unless it is a premium action figure over £30)

Please note this does not apply to:
Collectable items, as we understand the packaging is often part of what makes them collectable. If your item was purchased from one of our Collectables categories and is intended for display in a window-box style packaging, then please get in touch and we will look at sorting out a replacement. Collectables in non-display boxes are not included in this as they are intended to be removed from the box.

Excessive damageif your item arrives in a crushed box, is ripped to pieces, or has clearly been damaged in transit, then please get in touch as well, and we will arrange a replacement.

How do your preorders work?
We now offer preorders for certain items. We will only offer items for preorder when we know our allocation is confirmed, this prevents us from over selling items if the distributors don't provide us with enough stock.
Items for preorder can be purchased now but will not dispatch until their release date. Payment for the items will be taken once the order is placed.
Items that are not preorder items but are ordered with preorder items will be held until the preorder items become available and will ship with them. If you don't want to wait for in-stock items we suggest ordering them separately.

Can I cancel a preorder?
Yes, just like a normal order you may cancel a preorder by getting in touch with us via before your items are dispatched. While we understand circumstances change, please bear in mind that if you consistently cancel preorder items before their release date we may stop accepting preorders from you.

When do you dispatch preorder items?
For items that have no set release date (such as many collectable items) we will dispatch them as soon as we receive stock of the item.

For items with strict street dates (such as most card games) we can only dispatch them on the day of release. We will always try to get them dispatched on release day or as soon after as possible. We may encounter small delays for products with high preorder numbers as we can only process and dispatch so many items in a day.


Do you stock x or y?
While we are currently building our stock up on certain lines, if there are any items you would be interested in us stocking feel free to suggest them via our Contact Us page and we will look into sourcing stock.

Check back regularly as we are always stocking new items.

Are your items new?
Yes, all our items are brand new. Some items may be sealed in plastic wrap, others aren't supplied that way, however rest assured that everything we sell is unused and unopened. All our items are also official and genuine and purchased from a number of reputable national distributors.

Are your items authentic?
Yes, all our items are sourced from reputable and well known distributors and are 100% authentic.

Are your toys safe?
Yes, all our toys are sourced from UK/EU distributors and carry the UKCA or CE mark certifying their safety for children. Please bear in mind all non-plush toys are intended for children aged 4 years or older, as they may contain small parts that can cause a chocking hazard.

Why do some of your toys say they are not toys?
Some of our figures are aimed at older collectors, or for displaying, rather than for regular rough play from younger children. They are often more fragile than other toys, or come with multiple parts or multiple points of articulation for posing. These items are noted to be for people aged 15 or over as we would not recommend letting younger children play with them due to risk of damage / losing parts. Items in our "Premium Action Figures" category would fall under this description.

I'm a collector, are all your items in 100% mint condition packaging?

No, as we are a working store with items out on display, we don't guarantee the condition of packaging on items apart from those in the Collectables & Figurines category or the Premium Action Figures category. We consider the condition of the packaging on Card games, toys and action figures to be a non-issue as these items are meant to be removed from the packaging (apart from heavy damage). If you are a collector who wants to keep items in the original boxes and want an item with the best packaging, please contact us and we will try and help ensure packaging quality. If you are unhappy with the condition of the packaging after receiving your order you are within your rights to return the item, but will be required to pay for this yourself unless we have pre-guaranteed the quality.

Do you take bulk cards / trades?
Sorry, at the moment we don't have the capacity for taking trades. We also are not looking at the card singles market at this time. We may change our minds in the future, if we do we will let everyone know.

Are you on social media?
Yes, check out the buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at the top of our pages. We often run competitions on social media, so keep an eye out, you might get lucky!

I've found a problem, encountered a problem on your store, what do I do?
Please use the contact us form or send us an email explaining the issue to us. We try to keep on-top of any technical glitches but occasionally our hosting throws a spanner in the works.

I bought some stuff from you but don't have any loyalty points?
Loyalty Points are awarded once the return period for your purchase expires, this is to prevent points being awarded for items that are returned. You also need to set up an account during the checkout process and set a password. This allows the points system to save points against your account.

I didn't set up an account, have I lost the Loyalty Points I should have earned?
If you are missing points due to not having set up an account on your first purchase, let us know and we can allocate the missing ones once you do activate an account.

Some of your items are Out of Stock, will you restock them?
Yes, well hopefully. Any items you can find on our store with an Out of Stock image are items we are actively trying to restock. While we aren't always successful in getting more stock of some items (as the distributors stop carrying them) a lot of the time we will eventually restock them. Items we are no longer seeking to stock are removed from the store to prevent them clogging up the categories and search pages. We go through the store regularly and remove lines we aren't keeping.

What are Damaged Packaging items?
Sometimes items arrive from our distributors with damage to the packaging. If the item is a collectable we tend to reduce the price and put it in our Markdown section for even minor damage. If the item is not a collectable, we will assess the amount of damage. If there is major damage to the packaging we will reduce the price and put it in the Markdown section. If the damage is merely cosmetic, we will sell the item as normal, as minor dings or dents are common.

I ordered something and now it is showing as "Out of Stock", will I get my item?

All our stock levels are live meaning if you can order an item it is in stock at that time. As long as you have received a "Processing" email then your item has been allocated from our stock and you will receive it. Please note occasionally gremlins in the system can cause errors in stock levels. This is highly unusual though.

I want to buy something but it has been "Out of Stock" for a long time, can't you restock sooner?
Unfortunately items often go out of stock at our distributors. When this happens we need to wait for them to restock first before we can do the same. Often this is when an item is having to wait on another manufacturing run or reprint.

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